Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lost Symbol by: Dan Brown - Book - Review

Before anything else, this is my first time to do a book review, so bear with me. Hopefully, I would improve in the future. I will do my best not to reveal spoilers! ^_^


After much anticipation, finally, I got a copy of Dan Brown's latest novel "The Lost Symbol".

The book has 528 pages of good read.

The story is OK, it did not drag (or if it did -- I barely noticed it) The plot titillated my mind and emotion, although it is nothing, compared with Brown's previous work, The Da Vincci Code.

The antagonist of the story was easily revealed in the beginning, but the true identity of the character remained hidden till the last few chapters. Furthermore, the villain was fantastic! I liked the way how he planned everything.

How Brown portrayed the other supporting characters was amazing. You'll never know whether they are pro or anti. Especially, of the CIA. Her character is one of the best and my fave!

Most of the puzzles and codes were quite mediocre unlike with the ones written in Angels and Demons and Da Vincci Code. Although, I loved how he created the secret on the Pyramid.

I liked the science behind the book. Especially, the underwater thing! *wink* I never knew it could be possible.

The revelations about Free Masonry is great. It answered some of my questions regarding "the brotherhood". Brown shed some insight on the aspects of the Masonic system, beliefs, rituals, etc. Although, I wonder if they are all facts?

To cut this short, the book is worth reading and worth watching! I can't wait to see the movie in 2012. ^_^


5 out of 5 Stars!