Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve at Mall of Asia (10:30pm)

We are currently at The Highlands SteakHouse waiting for the New Year. As of 10:30pm here's an update on how many people are here at the SM Mall of Asia, like us, excited for the 15 minutes of Fireworks display at exactly 12mn (Jan 1, 2011)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Rare Leather Starbucks Planner contest by Brian Ong!

"Men fully alive, endowed with a passion for justice, and the skills for development."

Back when I was in high school my parents would tell me: "You know son, we've always wanted to enroll you in Xavier School and you sister at ICA, but we could not afford it." And during my times in college, I could not help but think and wonder, what would my collegiate life have been, had I studied and graduated as a proud Xaverian.

Why? because most people know, particularly those of Chinese origin (like my family), that Xavier School is one of the Top/Finest All boys-Chinese school in the country. Had I studied there, I would be speaking fluent Mandarin/Fookien by now, and I would have excelled academically all throughout my college years. I would have even gotten in, and graduate from one of the Ivy league. Maybe, I would have been a better individual had I been scholastically raised and molded by true Xaverian mentors. By now, I would have been a part of the creme dela creme of all collegiate graduates. Those people who excel and contribute to the society, those who create and invent, those who develop, such as this new URL shortener.


Nevertheless, past is past, I should focus on what I have now and whom I've become. Everything happens for a reason and, I should be thankful for whatever blessings I had and will continue to receive. Just like now, when Christmas day is already over and yet, a lot of people are still in the spirit of giving. Amongst them is Brian Ong of The Philippines and Beyond in partners with his uncle Mr. Martin Gomez.

They are giving away two (2) limited editions, Leather Starbucks 2011 daily planner to lucky bloggers. Just by following these simple steps:

- Answer any (or both in separate blog post) of these questions:

NOTE: (1 question = 1 blog post = 1 Starbucks planner)

#1: How did the true spirit of Christmas come alive in your Christmas?
#2: How do you plan to plan your 2011 with a planer? 

- Post your answers on your blogs (ex. blogger, wordpress, facebook notes, multiply, etc)

- Be sure to link the contest page:

- Use the Xaverian ( URL shortener to shorten your blog post/entry URL.

- Promote the Xaverian URL Sortener in your blog post.

- Post your blog post's shortened URL as a comment on the contest page.

Criteria for Judging:
75% - Content (How you answered the question/s)
25% - Promote the URL shortener in the most creative way possible. (Must be referenced in your blog post)

Deadline of this contest is on December 31st, 11:59pm.

For more info. you may visit the Contest Page at


#1: How did the true spirit of Christmas come alive in your Christmas?

The spirit of Christmas came alive in my (our) Christmas in 3 ways:
#1 In the form of Giving.

My sister who recently won an online contest, brought home a brand new digi-cam. Knowing I am a newbie food blogger--instead of selling it and buying her much wanted cellphone, she unselfishly gave it to me as an early Christmas gift.

 #2 In the form of Forgiveness

Life as we know it, it is inevitable that petty quarrels, arguments and misunderstanding can lead to family feud. And not to elaborate further, our Christmas day ended with (whoever was involved) forgiving one another (whether he/she is right or wrong) Putting everything in the past and treated the special occasion as if nothing was wrong. Indeed, the Christmas spirit cleanses our souls...^_^

#3 In the form of Love 

The Christmas spirit/season brought much more love into everyone's heart.  The love that I know, will further nourish and nurture our family for more Christmas to come. Our family may be scattered throughout the globe, but certainly (thanks to modern technology), the love was felt by everyone.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

FREE Belle De Jour and Navi Planners ^_^

Good news to Belle De Jour and Navi planner fans! Little Running Teacher in partnership with When in Manila and Belle De Jour is giving away 3 Navi Planners and 1 Belle De Jour planner to lucky bloggers.

For a chance to own one this comming 2011, all you have to do is:

- make a blog post regarding you adventure plans for 2011.

- on your official blog entry/post, pls. include a LINK-BACK to, and to the official contest page at

- Add this paragraph to your blog post:, and Belle De Jour are giving away several  planners for men and women! Find out how you can win here –

- Post a link to your blog post on their Facebook wall to notify them – Little Running Teacher-Facebook

That's it! ^_^ Very simple.

Winners will be announced on January 1, 2011 at Little Running Teachers's Facebook Page

Prizes can be claimed at the offices of Mellow 94.7 at Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance St. Mandaluyong. 

The winner/claimant must have valid IDs to present as evidence.



For the upcoming 2011, my family and I are booked to Bohol on summer. Spontaneously, after receiving the notice of Cebu Pacific's promo fair, we automatically decided to spend next summer touring Bohol and relaxing in Panglao Island. There, we would island hop, beach bum and enjoy some quality time together as a family. It may not be as complete like before, but we'll make sure to have the feel as if it were...

Also, while we are there, my sister, dared us to try "The Plunge" at E.A.T. Danaw. I am not sure if I can do it though, but I will force my self for a once in a lifetime experience. ^_^

"a canyon swing adventure attraction mounted over a 200 meter high and 300 meter wide gorge. A person would have to do a 45 meters free fall before being launched on a pendulum swing measuring to a hundred meter diameter. Cable has a maximum working load of 5 tons. Now longer (70 meters) more fear some.
“The Plunge” is the best “fear factor” experience among other adventure activities on offer. One has to literally plunge to an open air where about two seconds, the plunger will all be defenseless, feel nothing and left all alone."

Also, next year, I plan to hone my skills in the Art of Poi and Fire Dancing. I will practice new moves and spinning technique. But aside from POI, I've decided to venture in a different fire power so I got myself a different toy. I bought a 1,800mm long, full length aluminum Fire Staff with 4 inch of wicks each end.

-picture from Home of Poi-

That's right, I will do my very best to learn how to spin a contact fire staff ^_^

-picture from

But, life is not always about fun, fun, fun...most of the time we need to learn. So, by next year (with tentative  date, depending on the budget) my parents, plans to enroll me in a culinary school in hopes that one day we could have our own small coffee shop or restaurant, and the hope that I would become part of the work force and be independent and productive. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

Aside from that, since my dad decided to have our gears checked and fixed--I think my dad might revisit our long lost--but never forgotten passion. Scuba Diving. It's only a couple of weeks ago that my parents had our scuba gears checked at a local dive shop. So i thought, why waste money on having them fixed/checked if we are not going to use it? That gave me the impression that my dad plans to go back into scuba diving, also next summer. That means, refresher courses or advance open water course for my sister and parents. As for me (who is already a rescue diver) hmmmm...maybe a dive master course? ^_^ Nah! Too expensive! I think the culinary course is top priority for my parents.

Yesterday, during our Christmas mini reunion, my dad and uncle talked about backpacking in Sagada, and they looked very eager and excited about the idea. I'm not sure though when. My sister also showed them the website of a fantastic resort in Batanes called Fundacion Pacita. I saw the interest in my uncle's eyes...hopefully, wishfully-thinking, he and my aunt would treat the entire family there ^_^ But I have a gut feeling that they would.... ^______^

 -both pics from Fundacion Pacita-

Also, my parents, after seeing my sisters pictures (during her trip to Cagayan de Oro) also plans to visit the place and try white water rafting.

-picture from Kagay group-
These are only some of the exciting things that my family and I plan to do this coming year, and remembering all those events will be catastrophic. So i guess having a Belle de Jour Navi planner from Little Running Teacher and When in Manila would really be helpful in organizing our everyday adventure of 2011., and Belle De Jour are giving away several  planners for men and women! Find out how you can win here –

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CamSafe Anti-Theft Bags Contest from Pixel Pro Camera Stores and

Vince Golangco the Editor-in-Chief of, together with and is giving away two CamSafe Anti-Theft Bags to: 2 lucky and creative writers/bloggers.


- Simply write a blog post regarding your personal relationship with your beloved camera.

- On your blog post (official entry), don't forget to include a link-back to:,, and Vince Golangco's contest page:

- Add this paragraph to your blog post (official entry): and Pixel Pro camera stores are giving away CamSafe Anti-Theft bags and over P130,000.00 of other cash and prizes with their Picture Perfect Christmas contest! Find out how you can win here –

- Lastly, POST a link of your blog/ contest entry on the Facebook Wall of When in Manila:

The Top 2 winners will be chosen/announced on December 28, 2010.


- 1 (One) CamSafe 200 Anti-Theft Bag for the 1st placer
- 1 (One) CamSafe 100 Anti-Theft Bag for the 2nd placer.

To know more about this contest, pls. visit:

Good luck! ^_^


Being a newbie food blogger, I usually borrow my dad's refurbished digital point and shoot camera (w/c he got from his former boss) to take pictures of the food we eat. Since it is already refurbished and an old model, my dad does not really bother much on how I handle it. But during the times when my dad's camera is unintentionally left at home, I have no choice but to borrow my sister's digi-cam. Now, my sister, being a witness to my butter-fingers and on how clumsy I can be (I accidentally dropped my Aunt's brand new digi-cam while shooing a large fly) became so O.C. when she asks me to take pictures using her camera.
So, every-time-- she would constantly remind me: "oi! wear the strap!" OR "....don't drop this..."

Last month, my sister won an online photo contest. Her prize was a brand new digital camera--but seeing it to be a much cheaper model compared to what she is using, she decided to give the brand new one to me as an early Christmas gift ^_^ I opened the box on my bed to examine the content ^_^ (I don't want to repeat the incident when I dropped my dad's brand new-unused-3 hours old...portable external HD from Abu Dhabi--while opening its box)

Now that I have my own digital camera and; based on my experiences with my butter-fingers plus; my sister's constant reminders that are practically tattooed on my mind--I treat my camera as if it was a very expensive, top of the line, latest model D-SLR. ^_^

Before taking it with us on our food trips, I bought a small cushioned bag/pouch for it. And before using it/taking it out its bag, I make it a point to wear the safety strap first before finally pulling it out for everyone to admire ^_^

But there are times when we can't help it but ask someone (other than our most trusted friends and relatives) to take our pictures--using our precious cameras (and because I don't have a tripod). Last week, during a night-out/ food trip with my college friends, we asked a friendly service crew to take our group picture--using my camera....@_@

During that time, I felt uneasy, seeing and knowing that a stranger is holding my very first digi-cam. So even if it's embarrassing, I asked the kind waiter to put on the strap before taking our pictures. My friends even teased me, saying "ang arte mo naman..." (you are so fussy/meticulous) But I said to myself, "I don't's better safe that way than having a broken/damaged brand new digi-cam, in less than a month after having it." ^_^

That night, I also took smaller group shots and even individual pictures. My friends, just like anyone, wanted to see the captured images. So they borrowed my cam. But once in a while I would make a glance just to check what they were doing with it, and I would see them pressing and pressing the buttons...Now, I know that it will not do damage but still, I felt like my digi-cam was being murdered. I felt uneasy...I wanted to tell them: "hey...pls. handle it gently..." But I didn't, because I know I was just being paranoid....^_^ After every picture op, instead of just placing it on top of the table, I would put it inside the pouch and zip it. Yes, it's a hassle to pull it out again and again every time we want to take pictures, but I want my cam to be safe that way...and it's a gift from my sister ^_^

Still then, when I got back home, I took my cam out (on the bed) and cleaned its entire surface and LCD with a soft cloth moist with alcohol. ^_^

When I transfer the pictures to our computer, I would gently plug the cables to it, then gently lay the camera down on the floor (still inside the cushioned pouch--just in case someone trips on the cables and accidentally pull the cam with it...)

I am even paranoid when it comes to its battery. It hurts my feelings when I see it half drained...and when I charge the battery, I make sure not to over charge it. 1 hour on the manual is 1 hour for me (and it's accurate! ^_^) I will not sleep until the battery is fully charged.

I think this attitude towards my tiny digi-cam, though weird, is quite healthy and appropriate. Especially, when my parents decides to buy a D-SLR by mid next year. Somehow, with this practice, our cameras and future D-SLR would really last us a lifetime.

-------------------------------------------------------------------- and Pixel Pro camera stores are giving away CamSafe Anti-Theft bags and over P130,000.00 of other cash and prizes with their Picture Perfect Christmas contest! Find out how you can win here –

Monday, December 20, 2010

WIN a 4-day baking course from First Gourmet Academy

First Gourmet Academy, one of the leading culinary schools here in Quezon City, is again, giving away, a free culinary scholarship by just joining their online Poll contest. This time, a 4-day short course in Baking will be awarded to one (1) luck winner (by random).

Simply "LIKE" First Gourmet Academy on Facebook then, review their list of unforgettable FGA occasions such as:

1) First Gourmet Academy visits Malacanang and cooks for President Aquino

2) First Gourmet Academy wins competitions (competition #1 & competition #2)

3) First Gourmet Academy President joins President Aquino to US

4)  Celebrities join First Gourmet Academy for short courses and diploma program

5) First Gourmet Academy students go abroad for internship (intern #1 and intern #2) 

Then vote on their Poll at:

Don't forget to publish the Poll on your Facebook Wall. 

Last, is to write about this contest (Blog or Twitter, Facebook Notes, etc)


Aside from a culinary scholarship, the winner will also get a Moulinex Secanto electric knife (worth P10,000)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I won at the Thirty on 30 blog contest!


Three days ago, BlankPixels (Mhel), announced the winners of her Thirty on 30 blog contest. And I was one of the lucky contestants to win a blog makeover from one of her major sponsors, Grace of Dress Up Your Blogs

I'm so excited. And I am also glad to know that, I can transfer the prize/makeover to my other blog: (which needs it most)

Thank you Mhel and Grace ^_^

BTW, congratulations to Grace, for winning a new iMac from a Christmas card making contest.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

JaypeeOnline's $3,500+ Christmas Giveaway - Contest! ^_^

Have you ever wanted to own a personal website for you blog or business? Or are you a blogger, like me, who dream of having a perfect site, that is not cluttered, messy or uneven in anyway?

I am one of those blogger who manages more than 1 blog that, despite having their own domain names, still remain unprofessionally looking and seems unmanageable. Difficult to navigate...a total chaos. Only thanks to a few online friends and fellow bloggers who donate their effort, time, talents and skills in beautifying some of my sites.

Luckily, one of the leading technology and blogging website, along with his sponsors, is giving away $3,500+ worth of prizes that would benefit the blogging industry. John Philip Habaradas, is doing this to share his blessings and, to show gratitude to everyone who helped him and to those who continue to support his blog.

1st Prize
1-year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Pro-Plus package from StudioPress ($249.95)
1 Developer Theme Package from WooThemes ($150)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1-year Freedom-CDN Plan from WP Webhost ($120)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Website Monitoring from ($59)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$20 cash via PayPal courtesy of DiTesco

2nd Prize
1-Year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Club Membership from Elegant Themes ($39)
1-year Advanced Hosting Plan from Hostentic ($116)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of

3rd Prize
1-Year Publisher Plan from Scribe SEO ($324)
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Annual Access Membership from Flexi Themes ($49.95)
1-year Freedom Plan from WP Webhost ($80)
1-year Pro Account from Wibiya Web Toolbar ($118.80)
1-year Starter Plan from Reinvigorate ($100)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
1-year domain (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of

4th Prize
1 Genesis/Child theme package from StudioPress ($79.95)
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1 Basic Theme Package from WP Now ($49)
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1-year domains (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99)
$10 cash via PayPal courtesy of

Consolation Prizes
1 Premium Theme from WPZOOM ($69)
1-year subscription to Privacy Pro from Privacy Pro ($35.95)
6 – 1-year domains (.com/.net/.org/.info) courtesy of Jehzeel Laurente ($11.99) also giving away 5 Globe Tattoo USB dongles courtesy of Abe Olandres of YugaTech ($20/each) to all contestants from the Philippines.

As a BONUS, will also be giving away a 15% rebate for to all contestants and 2 Golden Tickets to VaultPress. Please let him know via the comment section if you’re interested.

Being a newbie blogger and an ignorant (more like zero know-how) in self-hosting, web design/Layout, SEO, etc. I became desperate to win some of the prizes to be given by Mr. Jaypee. At least so I could use it to professionalize my mom's real estate blog (which I also manage).

So, I've decided to join the contest. And part of the contest mechanics is to blog about it in not less than 100 words. (to copy and paste Jaypee's entire original blog post is NOT allowed) Aside from blogging, contestants need to:

- Subscribe to JaypeeOnline’s RSS feed via email.
- Blog about the contest WITH "Link or Track-backs to the contest page" AND "Links to the Sponsors" (Hot-linking is not allowed--whatever that means ^_^)
- Leave a comment at the end of the contest page using the E-mail address that you used to Subscribe to

Also, you can earn additional points by:

- Following Jaypee on Twitter and re-tweet the post/contest page.
- Become a Fan of Jaypeeonline on Facebook.
- Post/Share this contest on your Facebook Wall.
- Follow Jaypeeonline on Networkedblogs (using your facebook)

1. Contestants are required to do all three steps under CONTEST MECHANICS.
2. No multiple entries. 1 person = 1 entry (1 person can get as much as 12 points)
3. Prizes not claimed within 30 days will be forfeited and be given to a new winner.
4. Prizes can not be converted to cash.

As part of the contest mechanics, I would like to personally thank by promoting's sponsors.


To know more about this contest, Pls. follow this link: JAYPEEONLINE

Good luck! ^_^