Monday, November 29, 2010

FREE Comic Books from National Bookstore!


Just by visiting National Book Store @ Power Plant Mall on December 5, 2010 @ 2 pm - 5 pm.

1. you get a FREE comic book!
2. you get a FREE sketch by Leinil Yu
3. you can get a chance to win prizes by just being there. The best part about it is you don't have to buy anything! ^_^
4. Plus, you also get 20% OFF on all graphic novels at the event only.
5. also get a chance to win a sketch by Leinil Yu with any graphic novel at the said event only!

This event is in partnership with Sketch Pad Studios and the Power Plant Mall.

For more information, pls visit National Bookstore's Facebook page or

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pizza Hut's Raffle Promo (FREE: Family Super Supreme Pan Pizza + 1.5 Liters Pepsi)

Thinking about dining at Pizza Hut this weekend? Then before you leave their branch, make sure to ask for your raffle form/stub. Fill it out with your complete details.

You might be one of the the lucky winners to receive a FREE "Family Super Supreme Pan Pizza with a 1.5 Liters of Pepsi"

1 raffle form/stub for each customer. Irregardless of your orders. So if there are six of you, you should get 6 raffle forms.


The Art of Poi and Fire Dancing

A couple of years ago, in 2006 to be exact, I got interested in fire spinning. At first I did not know what it was called, so I just googled fire dancing. A lot of pictures came up and so was the word POI.

I did a research on the word, and found out that POI is a performance art that originated from the Maori tribe in New Zealand. POI meaning, a ball and a string. In early history, POI was thought to be used by Maori men to practice their fighting skills. But now, POI is mostly used by Maori women during traditional performances in combination with music and story telling.  

 Picture from Home of Poi
 Picture form Southtaranaki

POI is now considered as an art all over the world, a form of exercise, juggling or dance. Modern time has adopted POI into different countries and culture; one of them is here in the Philippines.

There are different types of POI. For beginners, we usually recommend practicing with the use of Sock Poi. It’s basically tennis balls inside knee high socks.

 Picture from PlanetZips

After learning the basics, one can use a Tailed Poi / Fabric Poi. It is made up of a nylon string that’s attached to a bean bag or a tennis ball, and then covered with colorful fabrics. Also, an alternative for tailed poi is Flag Poi.

Professional poi artists prefer using different kinds of Fire Poi. It is made of Kevlar wicks—formed in different shapes and sizes—attached to metal chains. They soak it with Kerosene or Paraffin before lighting it up with fire. Do Not Use Gasoline!!!

 Picture from Home of Poi

An alternative to fire poi would be: Fire Staff, Fire Batons, Fire Fans and Fingers, Fire Swords, etc, etc.

 Picture form
 Picture from

For some who don’t have the courage to use fire. They can use Glow Poi instead, which are basically made from L.E.D. (light-emitting diode) that is better than regular light bulbs.

 Picture from Home of Poi

There are many websites that offer different POI products and FREE Online Video Tutorials. The most popular around the globe is

They sell products with very good quality, plus they have tons of Free Video Tutorials that you can share with your friends.

But here in the Philippines, our leading POI group is called PlanetZips. Aside from selling POI products, they also offer POI lessons/classes every week. They also hold monthly gathering called Spindependence that showcase different Free Flowing Arts like: POI, Capoeira, Music, Dance, Photography, etc. 

 Picture from PlanetZips

The Art of Poi has helped me a lot. It served as my cardiovascular exercise and somehow, it elevated my self-confidence. And in a few months, I’ll be trying out the Contact Fire Staff. Thanks to my auntie, who works in Abu Dhabi University for shouldering the shipping charges -- She also bought her first set of gears. I’m excited to teach her the basics when she visits next summer. ^_^ And hopefully, my dear sister, would continue her Poi lessons as well. ^_^

There are a lot of famous and amazing fire artist all over the world. But my ultimate idols are:

YUTA of Japan & NICK WOOLSEY of Canada

 and of course, my master & sensei,  Paulino Servado III of the Philippines (Founder of PlanetZips)
Picture from PlanetZips

Here are some of my fave POI websites that offers FREE online video tutorials (but of course, nothing beats actual lessons ^_^) (choose the English flag for translations) (it's in Japanese so choose English)

If you have any questions regarding POI, feel free to contact me anytime ^_^. Who knows, maybe I might even teach you the basics for FREE ^_^ (coz I'm not a good teacher) ^_^

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

FREE Treats from the bakers of The Parvati Shop

Wold you like sometreats? Craving for some sweets? Then this is your lucky month, because Parvati is giving free treats every week, this November 2010 in their "Wish Upon a Baker" online promo.

Simply follow this simple steps:

- Add Parvati on Facebook
- Choose any of their product (pictures)
- Save it, then upload it on Parvati's Facebook Wall.
- Tag yourself and 5 of your friends! ^_^

That simple!

Raffle dates:
1st Nov. 5, 2010
2nd Nov. 12, 2010
3rd Nov. 19, 2010
4th Nov. 26, 2010

To know more, simply visit Parvati Shop's Facebook at:

I chose:


Friday, November 19, 2010

Pilipinas Kay Ganda - Own it!

To all my non-Filipino readers (if there's any @_@) do you know what "Kay Ganda" means? It means "So Beautiful"

Pilipinas Kay Ganda (Philippines So Beautiful) is the new slogan / ad campaign of my country. From WOW Philippines, they changed it to that. WOW! @_@

I don't like it. From the very beginning when I heard it, I immediately thought, "why is it in Tagalog?" (Filipino Language) "people from other country wouldn't understand it...."

Then came the news, the same question has popped into everyone's noodles, particularly the critics. Why is it not in English?

The slogan / ad campaign evidently has a lot of issues and controversy. From the choice of language, came  their choice website address/URL (now closed), which is almost close to being identical to that of a adult website, and now, their Logo's design (or the font) is like a copy from Poland Tourism Board.

Why not pay someone to design your own Font?! They do have the tax payers money, don't they?

Well, I guess there's nothing I can do but nag and whine about it. But someone, who has knowledge in internet and computer technology, have managed to design a FaceBook application that can mimic the Pilipinas Kay Ganda logo, to make it your own. Here is the link: (you need to have a FaceBook account, though)

Click "Start Over"

Enjoy! ^_^

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Booked to Bohol on Summer 2011

Thanks to Cebu Pacific's Low Air Fair Promo, our family will be touring Bohol for 5 days, next year. Yes, we booked early to avail of Cebu Pacific's promo rates.

As early as today, we will be searching for a beach resort to stay in Panglao Island. Any suggestions? ^_^

Aside from touring the city of Bohol (, we might travel 5 hours by land and try the activities offered at E.A.T. Danaw. I know my sister's very excited about it. Especially, when it comes to trying out the "Plunge" .

Who knows, I might take the Plunge as well. ^_^  Maybe...hihihi! Depends.............@_@

Who want's to join us next March? ^_^

Monday, November 15, 2010

pH Care: Cool Dare Online Picture Contst!

Truth or Dare?

This time, it's all dare! ^_^

Dare to face the weekly challenges set by: pH Care Cool Dare Online Picture Contest, and get the chance to win exciting prizes!

Simply follow these instructions or visit pH Care's Facebook Page for more details or go directly to pH Care's Website at:

Contest Mechanics:

But if you are not in to it, or if you are a male. You might want to vote for my sister's and my mom's entry by Liking their pictures. You can use your Facebook account to Log-in on pH Care's website and vote.

My Sister's Entry:

Click here to Vote/LIKE:

My Mom's Entry:

Click here to Vote/LIKE:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yellow Cab Pizza: Early Breads online Contest

1) "Like" the Facebook Page of Yellow Cab Pizza --->

2) Post the picture above, on your personal wall and tag 50 friends. But only start tagging at 12:01 of November 15 to qualify for the contest.

3) For your entries to be verified, E-mail the links of your Facebook Pages/wall entry (with the picture and tags) to:  .

4) You can submit multiple entries/ re-post photos as they can, provided that no same name/tag are the same. Those with similar tagged names will be disqualified from the contest.

5)  Everyday, winners will receive 5 breakfast GC's, while the Grand Prize winner will receive a Yellow Cab Breakfast Gift Certificates good for 15 individuals! ^_^

6) This contest is only availalbe for Metro Manila Facebook users except Yellow Cab employees, Directors, or affiliated agencies of Yellow Cab as well as direct family members (spouse, children, parents and siblings).

 7) Winners will be announced on the official Yellow Cab Pizza fan page on Facebook. The details on how to claim their prize will be sent via Private Message.

8) Winners may claim their breakfast treat at any of the 30 participating breakfast stores for dine in or take out.

9) This promo will run from November 15, 2010 to November 17, 2010

To know more, Click here to visit the official contest mechanics page:

More freebies! 

Blood Suckers: The Vampire Archives: Volume #1

I need to get back on my readings! It's almost a month now since I've stopped reading "Blood Suckers: The Vampire Archives: Volume #1"

I would have finished the book earlier, if it was not so boring! It would have been a great read since the stories are classics. But, the stories were cut short. As in Summarized! @_@ You would finish an entire book/story in just one chapter (maybe 10 to 20 pages?) Although, I would commend the Editor: Otto Penzler for doing a great job in shortening the novels. It's not easy!

This would be great for High school book reports, though! ^_^

Anyway, I still plan on finishing the book. But for now, I might focus more on stabilizing mg blogs. Once they're done-- hopefully within a month-- I'll get back on my books. I can't wait to buy more.

Fave Sponsor Entry #2

My 2nd fave sponsor would be:

simply because, the best things in life are the one's for FREE ^_^

For a newbie blogger like me, who barely know how to blog, what more to design our own blog/website template. Grace offers free designs for everyone to use. A very generous person indeed. One of the many good qualities of a great sponsor.

She even offered her services as a prize in this contest. WOW! ^_^

I've witnessed how the friendship and bond of Grace and Mhel began. From a buy and sell website--the three of us were some of the contestants to its online writing contest. But in the last round, only Mhel and I were chosen to be part of the Top 10.   Still then, instead of whining, nagging and sour-graping...Grace chose to remain positive and happy. She decided to help Mhel by being her campaign partner. Promoting Mhels entry. Thus, gaining more votes. Girl power indeed! ^_^ In the end, Mhel WON the grand prize! ^_^ Lucky partnership perhaps? Or was it the luck brought by pure friendship, kindness and helpfulness w/o asking anything in return? Maybe, all of the above! ^_^

Both of them are lucky to have found each other. They have a bond that would last throughout their great, great, great, grand children.   ^_^

Fave Sponsor Post Entry #1

For me, probably the most memorable blog post would be from Pinay Online Money Maker's Complete List of trusted recommended paying online money making sites that you can join for free. *sigh* that was long...^_^

This would be my fave also. This site got me to know blankPixels that brought our friendship online. This was the blog post that got me into PTC and into blogging. After a couple of days asking questions from Mhel (blankPixels) regarding PTC, Paypal, etc. I got curious and so I checked her other blogs. Two of them is her Certifiedfoodies and Pinayreviewer. This got me very interested. It awakened my passion in food and in joining online contest.

After a few days, I've decided to make my own blog: pinoymuffintop. I started blogging about my food trips with my family. But somehow, I felt more desire....desire to create another blog. A blog that was inspired by Pinayreviewer.

Since I love to read, watch movies, buy and try different stuff for myself, I've decided to make an all around blog that would focus more in reviews on different everyday stuff. And now, I've included in the list, some online contest, and promos as well. I call this blog Yeahboy!

blankPixels, the celebrant herself is one of my fave. She is very kind and patient in answering ALL of my questions. Even to the point where I seem to pester her with my none-stop queries--she does not stop in answering. Even if she is very busy.

It is with her blog also (pinayonlinemoneymaker) that I discovered a website that offers cheap domain name registration. It got me interested again. And so, I've asked my parents if they, too, like me, would like to have their very own domain name, to add presentation in our business.

Since it's cheap, my parents agreed to purchase. And so, we ended up buying 3 domain names. The third one would be: HomeDistrictPhilippines  

It did not stop there. Her site: Pinayonlinemoneymaker was also the one who gave me the step by step process in merging our blogs with its new domain names. Mhel's blog is one of the best!

This blog (POMM) gave me a new friend. A good friend. A treasure. My Idol! ^_^ wahoooo!

I may not be successful in PTC and in Blogging for now, but I'm sure someday, I will be...just like my IDOL!

Thirty on 30 "Changes in my Life" Blog Contest (by: blankPixels)

Now, who would think that the birthday celebrant will be "The One" to give love gifts on her special day? ^_^

That's right! the Philippine's Blog Queen, herself, with the help of her friends and sponsors are giving away $300 worth in Prizes. Just simply join her blog contest.( click here)

This is Mhel Ignacio's way of thanking everyone, for supporting her blogs. This is also her way of sharing ALL the blessings that she has been getting for the past 30 young and sweet years.

blankPixels' Thirty on 30 Blog Contest to celebrate her 30th birthday and Just Another Pixel's second anniversary!

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Let Me In - Movie Review

Last night, to finally reach our quota to get a VIP Pass in Eastwood Cinema (10 tickets each person), we watched Let Me In.

"Let Me In" is not you ordinary vampire / love story. It involves two children who grew fond of each other, eventually developing a mutual bond.

Here, the heroin is also the antagonist (sort of). A kind evil, a lovely monster or a friendly demon? or maybe she's just using him? Seeing another opportunity?

The film will also explain the tag line/title.

The effects were ok. The acting--good. The story--unique in it's own simple ways.

The only question mark this movie left for me was, the origin of Abby. The rest were revealed perfectly. This movie will not finish off with you still hanging.

5 out of 5 popcorn!


New WATSONS Online Promo!

WIN Watsons Grapebella Gift Packs! Simply follow this simple steps:

1) Become a fan of the official Watsons Philippines account on Facebook.
2) Download or save this image and upload it again on Watsons' facebook wall.
3) Include a status message stating your Real Name and e-mail address.
4) Tag 10 of your friends on this image. (Tag 1 person per product)
5) You can keep re-uploading the image on the wall to tag more friends (10 tagged friends is equal to 1 raffle entry)
6) For more info, read Inspire more, Live beautifully on Watsons' Facebook Notes.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Beware! Do Not Ride These Manila Taxis!

Early this morning, I received an e-mail from a very reliable source, regarding dangerous Taxi cabs.

This is an exact copy of the said e-mail, and I will quote:

         Just to give you a warning, avoid riding cabs with names like
         Wallis, Romcat & Lucky8.

         All these taxis are owned by just one family and most of its
         drivers are muggers, rapists or simply swindlers.   According

         to the driver who is the source of this information, he used to

         work for the said company but lasted for only 2 days since he

         couldn't bear the idea of "manggagantso" .

         He said there is no single unit of this company that doesn't
         cheat. Each and every car that they own has "batingting" that

         is used to manipulate the taxi meter.

         Further, the driver also informed that the owners hire anyone
         even if the person has a criminal record. As a matter of fact,

         the owners are fully aware of their drivers' misconduct yet

         they turn a blindeye on it coz what matters most to them is the

         boundary of their drivers that's to be given to them at the end

         of the day.

           He also said that prior to leaving, he found out that one of

         his co-drivers mugged his passenger and even touched her

         private parts. When the passenger filed a legal complaint about

         it, naturally the driver got apprehended but was released

         because of bail.

         Immediately the next day, the very same criminal was hired back
         by their company and was out driving his unit again.

         He said you will be able to recognize the taxi units of this
         company even at night since their taxi logos on top of their

         roof have a unique lighting. Instead of the usual yellow light

         on the "taxi" sign, theirs are red.

         Prior to writing this, there was a research about the taxi
         company and it was found out that they have been featured in

         one of the shows in GMA-7 (Imbestigador) . Indeed they have

         proven that the drivers of this company are swindlers and


         If you care about your family, friends, co-workers, classmates
         And other people close to you, pass this information along. We
         can never tell who their next victim will be. "

Due to this information, an office building in Makati, managed by the Ayala Property Management Corporation, has already informed and instructed its security personnel, NOT TO entertain these Taxi cabs, and to quote:

" Dear All,

For your awareness, I had also instructed my Security Personnel not to allow these taxi companies on our drop off area. "

To all my readers (if there are any ^_^) Let us all be very vigilant. Take heed every day. Inform your friends, coworkers, relatives and love ones. I know this e-mail has been circulating the internet for a couple of years now, but, I don't care. I will post it again. We can never be too sure if those taxi cabs have stopped doing what they do best.

So for everyone's safety, Pls. continue to spread the words! 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hallmark's Your Greeting Card Competition!

Do you want to be a Hallmark Star? Wold you like your pictures printed out and turn into greeting cards then sold online and in stores internationally?

The this is your chance! The contest runs from 1st up-to the 22nd of November 2010.

Simply Turn an OLD Photo into a funny birthday card! ^_^


- choose any FUNNY picture from the year 1900 to 1999
- make sure that the funny picture can generate old happy memories from the past.
- choose the picture that can work for both men and women.
- make sure the writing and the photo are well-integrated.


- $250 for the winning card, that will also be sold online.
- additional $250 if Hallmark decides to sell your creation in stores.

For more information simply visit their contest page at:

Easy Contest!

YeahBoy.Net is UP!

Finally, after weeks of waiting, I finally got my very own domain names. And one of them is for Philippine's first YeahBoy website. ^_^ (the all around blog! Anything goes!) (food blog) (my mom's Real Estate Blog, w/c I manage ^_^)

With the help and recommendation of my blog idol, blankPixels, I registered my domains at since they offer cheap domain registrations.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

WIN a LG Blue Ray Home Theatre System for FREE!

Would you like to WIN a LG Blue Ray Home Theater System? YES?! ^_^

Then Join: National Geographic Channel's "WHAT YOU WANT" contest.

Simply follow these 3 steps and you will have a chance to win a LG Blue Ray Home Theater System!

1. Let us know WHAT YOU WANT by visiting this website:

2. Schedule your very own line-up of shows that you want to watch on the National Geographic Channel.

3. Stand a chance to WIN a stylish LG 3D Blu Ray Home Theatre System!

Terms and Conditions 

Also visit and "Like" National Geographic Channel Asia's Facebook page at :

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brothers Burger 50% Discount Promo

Once again, Brothers Burger is giving a huge 50% discount on their Big Brother's Burger as a Thanks Giving Promo! (thanks for the tip! from my idol at

This will start on November 15, 2010 (from 11AM to 10PM only!!!)

One customer can purchase up to 20 Big Brother's Burger only. So if you want more--better invite your entire family or proceed to their other branches ^_^

The promo is Valid for Dine-in and Take-out ONLY!

Take Note of the Participating Branches:

- Convergy's
- Magallanes
- Tomas Morato
- SM Megamall
- Malate
- Ortigas
- Capitol Hills
- Pasong Tamo


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Schiff Melatonin Plus - Review

Another over the counter sleep aid that is available in leading drug stores nationwide are called: Melatonin. But my favorite brand is Schiff, because the price value and the amount/content per bottle.

I bought my share in Cash and Carry (where the prices are much lower) for about 500 pesos (i think) per bottle. It contains 300 tablets of 3 mg Melatonin with 25 mg of Theamine.

It is categorized as Dietary Supplement.

Melatonin is a natural brain hormone that helps us feel sleepy. Melatonin is usually secreted in our brain when we are in total darkness, hence, we fall asleep. Now for people like me who have insomnia, our Pineal gland does not secrete much Melatonin to even make us drowsy. Or our Pineal gland takes/requires a longer time to produce enough Melatonin to finally put insomniacs to slumber.

I've been taking Melatonin (different brands) for more than 3 years now. And it's quite effective. It does not give me total sleep--I still wake-up a couple of times in the middle of the night or early in the morning, but during the day, the lack of ample sleep doesn't take the toll on me. I feel much more relaxed (although nothing compared to; with a a full night's rest)  maybe it is due to the added substance from Schiff, the Theanine w/c is found in green tea that has calming and stress relief properties.

The only negative issue I found in taking Melatonin is that; you will frequently have vivid dreams, weird dreams and in some other cases... nightmares! I wonder why?

In some other countries like in the USA and in some part of Europe, Melatonin as been added into the controlled substance category. Meaning, you cannot buy one without a doctor's prescription. Hopefully, they won't implement such here in the Philippines. Especially, when have a lot of call center people (with damaged body clocks) who needs sleep.

Melatonin is not addictive! Based on my experience, your body and eyelids will just feel heavy. You will have the feeling of tiredness from an all days work. That's it! No feeling of floating, flying, spinning, etc. YOU WON"T GET HIGH! ^_^

But of-course, it would be best to consult your doctor before taking any form of drug, whether prescription or as a dietary supplement.

To read more about Melatonin, follow this link:

Two articles featured Melatonin in the PhilStar:

The Benefits of Melatonin 
Melatonin Enhances Sleep and Boost Energy

5 out of 5 Jumping Sheep!


Saturday, November 6, 2010

Badger Sleep Balm - Review

Being an insomniac, anything that would help me fall asleep at night will surely entice me!

During a visit at my aunt's, we asked her a favor (since she frequents Rustan's)--to purchase us a couple of Badger Anti-Bug Balms when she decides to replenish her stock. That's the time she mentioned another Badger product called the "Sleep Balm"

Based on my tita's (auntie) experience with the product -- it helped her sleep. According to her explanation and description (which sounded like an exaggeration) the Sleep Balm seemed to have made her feel very sleepy that, as if, her head was being pulled  to her pillow. That's how sleepy she felt.

Now, being so ever desperate to get some good night's sleep or even some forty-winks, I got eager and asked her to get me one as well.

After a few days, we got our orders. I was so excited to try the Sleep Balm. So later that night, before going to bed, I applied a little (as instructed) on my temples, face, neck and upper lip. Then I lay down and waited (for that sinking/pillow pulling sensation). But it never happened. It's almost an hour now since I applied the balm, and I'm still wide awake. So I decided to apply more on my face. This time I used a generous amount, until my face was sticky and oily.

Half an hour past and I am still wide awake! I think it does not work...for me at least.

The next day, I made a research and found a youtube video regarding the same balm. And for the girl in the video--it made her fall asleep! According to her, she did not budge throughout the night, and she woke up late. That's how sleepy she got.

She also mentioned that she is not sure if the Sleep Balm would work on people with Insomnia. Then I realized, "oh, that's why!"

I'm still not losing hope. I've only used this product for like 5 times now. I thought, maybe, the full effect is hidden below the fist few layers of the balm. That maybe, what I was applying on my face was just beeswax and not enough of those ingredients that wold make me fall asleep.

Anyway, it also says at the back: "use it regularly and expect results". Hopefully, by the tenth time, it would work like magic. But for now, I will combine the balm with another sleep aid product called: Schiff Melatonin Plus.

Ingredients: *Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, *Cera Alba (Beeswax), Essential Oils of *Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot), *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender), *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary Verbenone), *Zingiber Officinale (Ginger), *Abies Balsamea (Balsam Fir) and CO2 Extract of Zingiber Officinale (Ginger).

* = Certified Organic

You can only buy this in Rustan's Department Stores.

Price: Php 495.00  per 56g / 2 oz



Friday, November 5, 2010

Badger Anti-Bug Balm - Review

Have you ever heard of Badger Balms? It's an American company based in New Hampshire, USA. They manufacture all natural / all organic products, such as, Balms, Sunscreens, Body Oils, Moisturizers, Lip care products, Soaps , etc. But they focus more on Balms w/c are made from beeswax.

One of my family's ultimate favorite is the: Badger Anti-Bug Balm.

It smells like Citronella and it's smooth on our skin. We don't get irritation in any way. We usually apply a small amount on our legs, arms and neck -- to prevent mosquitoes from biting. So far, it works perfectly! And, just like what my aunt said to me: "It's not body lotion!", so don't apply it like such. Only a small amount will do -- the smell will spread easily.

Active Ingredients: 10% *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, and Essential Oils of 5% *Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella), 2% *Cedrus Atlantica (Cedar), 2% *Cymbopogon Schoenanthus (Lemongrass), 1% *Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary), and 1% *Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium).
Inactive Ingredients: *Olea Europaea (Extra Virgin Olive) Oil, and *Cera Alba (Beeswax).

* = Certified Organic

For best results, apply it every 3 hours or if you feel that the scent is fading.

Here in the Philippines, you can only get it at the Rustan's Department Store.

Price: Php 495.00 per 56g / 2oz

5 out of 5 bugs! ^_^ 


I won 500 pesos worth of GC from Yellow Cab Pizza PH!

Among the 1,041 Yellow Cab Pizza Fans who joined the 2nd raffle, I was one of the 10 lucky winners who got a 500 pesos worth of GC from YCP ^_^ also, courtesy of Havoc Digital Inc.

Thank you Yellow Cab Pizza Philippines and Havoc Digital Inc! ^_^

For those who are interested to join and win, just simply "Like" Yellow Cab Pizza on Facebook, and simply answer their question:

"In Metro Manila, what's the number for 24/7 Great Pizza delivery of Yellow Cab?"
The Rules:
1. This promo is valid for Metro Manila residents only.
2. Only 1 valid entry per person.
3. Only replies in this message thread are eligible in this contest.
4. We'll contact the winners via PM.

Week 3 Raffle Duration: Nov 4-11

Just simply follow this link: