Sunday, June 26, 2011

Nokia Ovi Store Promo - WIN a Nokia cellphone!

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Energizer Powers My Lifestyle Photo Contest!


Join the Energizer Powers My Lifestyle Photo Contest! Theme of week: Family bonding moment!

Are you bursting with energy, always on the go and strives to get more than the regular rigors of life?

Do you use Energizer to power the devices and gadgets that enable you---either alone, with your family or with your friends, to savor the lifestyle you enjoy?

Capture that "Energizer Powers My Lifestyle" moment and share your photo at the Energizer Fan Page and get a chance to win one of the 10 limited edition Mr. Energizer Stuffed Toy!

and the theme for this week is: Family bonding moment. 3 winners will win the Mr.Energizer Stuffed Toy on June 17!!

3 Easy Steps to Join:

1. Like Energizer Philippines Fan Page.
2. Share your most memorable "Energizer Powers My Lifestyle" with your family.
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The best bonding moment photo that adhere the most to the theme plus the number of likes/comments wins!

Submission of photo entries will be from June 10 to 17. Winners will be Announced on June 17 for the first batch.

Photos will be judged based on the following criteria:
* Adherence to the theme: 70%
* Energizer Fan Favorite: 30%

*"Likes" will be verified and if found coming from fictitious or questionable FB account, the contestant would be disqualified.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hen Lin's TAG and WIN Promo

Get the chance to win a 1-year supply of Hen Lin's Siomai and Iced Tea. @_@

I wonder if they'll let you sell it? lolz ^_^

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Schick Philippines - Father's Day Promo


Got some shaving or grooming tips from your Dad? Share it with Schick Philippines and you could just WIN a Schick Father’s Day Goodie Bag!

The most original/creative answer will be chosen and the winner will be announced on the June 10!

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Schick Philippines Facebook Page

Home of Poi - Bumper Sticker Design Contest

Hi everyone! ^_^ Can I ask for a favor? Pls. vote for my 3 photo entries at Home of Poi...^_^ Also, pls. pass and share with your friends ^_^ I need all your support.

Thank you very much! ^_^ 

Below are the links to my entries.


Voting ends on 27 June 2011 (12MN).

Here are the pictures, just in case my links above don't work. You can find and vote for them at this link:

Wish me luck ^_^

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Life isn't really complete without Blackberry!

Don't you just love Blackberry? ^_^

I love the features of Blackberry! Most especially when I can send pictures instantly! I can even post it on Twitter and Facebook. With BB, you can reach-out to almost everyone, especially, my friends. And we can't hide from each other, because once you've read my message. I will know! ^_^ and that's simply awesome!

With the help of Blackberry Messenger, a family member is never too far away, no matter which country they live in. No occasion is incomplete. It's as if everyone is there, just like the old times. The Filipino tradition of close family bond will forever remain. Thanks to BBM! ^_^

My family and I love to travel. So when we see a spectacular place or do exciting and extreme adventures, we definitely would love to snap a picture of it or take a video and brag about it.

Just like when I conquered "The Plunge" at E.A.T. Danao in Bohol...

And when I flew like a super hero on "Sui-Slide"...

Everything was well documented, thanks to Backberry.

As a food blogger, it is crucial for me to take pictures of what I eat. That is why with Blackberry's high resolution camera it is like having a pro digital SLR. Plus, with BB I can even update my blog instantly, right there at the restaurant.

In a real estate business such as ours, aside from taking pictures of our client's houses. We also deal with other brokers and their buying clients. Most of the time, the information they ask from us are stored in our e-mail. That is why Blackberry is a life saver, a mobile office. We can open, check and send-out e-mails with pictures and documents from our handheld. And it's professionally accepted even in the corporate world. Who knew that working from your mobile phone would be acceptable? It clearly proves one thing for Blackberry, world class standards and quality!

For me, every event, every destination and every happening; may it be wonderful, amazing or life changing is somehow always made complete and worth remembering because of Blackberry. Cherish your Blackberry. Be it new or it, own it! Be proud! ^_^

 Photo source: 

A must read before you travel to Indonesia

I would like share a blog post by a fellow blogger. This is regarding her awful experience in Indonesia where she and her companion was harassed by airport security/police.

My Traumatic Experience as an Alleged DRUG TRAFFICKER in Bali Indonesia

By: Chyng Reyes 

For first time readers..
My name is Chyng Reyes. I graduated with a degree of Electronics and Communications Engineering in a state university in Intramuros. I work in a BPO company in MoA complex as part of Systems Development team. Im a blogger who frequently travels.
And Im an individual who has never taken prohibited drugs.

mga BINTANG-ero kayo!

My friend Dyanie and I planned an SG-Bali trip for our birthdays. We took Airphil's Manila-SG flight last May 26, 2011.

Dyanie was held in the Immigration simply because she cant present her company ID. She was suspected na mag-paiwan sa SG to work, and never return to Pinas. This experience alone was heart pounding- though it's only a matter of being approved and being declined to fly to SG. So what more if it's a matter of life and death...

Last May 28, we flew from SG to Bali via Airasia.
Airasia's airbus was full of different nationalities. But Dyanie and I were the only Filipinos on board. We landed in Denpasar airport at almost 11:40pm. We lined up in the Xray machines for our luggage to be scanned.

The moment the officer saw my passport - he carried my luggage. He asked me "is this yours?" I said yes. What could be wrong with my luggage.. The officer scanned our hands too. We don't have any idea what's that for so we asked him. He answered "secret".

After he scanned our hands with that stick, he looked at me and said "come and follow me." He looked to Dyan and said "you also."

omg. what's wrong?!

So in front of all passengers of Airasia that night (na malalaki ang katawan, at yung iba may tattoo, at sila pa yung mukhang harmful kesa samin), kami pa ni Dyan ang mukhang may drugs! We followed the officer because we dont have a choice. We obeyed him, as if we already did something wrong. All other passengers were staring at us..

syet.. anong meron sa bag ko. at anong marks ang nakita nya sa kamay namin? kinabahan ako. this isnt just the usual immigration thing. this is something serious!

We entered the holding room. There were 3 officers inside. 2 males and a lady officer. "Meet my Filipina friend. She was caught hiding packs of heroins in her luggage" said the officer. Sabay turo sa picture frames sa wall nila. It seemed like a gallery of drug traffickers from all over the world. He reminded me that DEATH is the PENALTY of those drug traffickers.

Paksyet. It's matter of life and death in the hands of these Indonesian Police Officers..

They offered something to drink but we refused.
Yoko nga, baka dahil jan sa drinks na yan magkaron pa ng drugs substance sa katawan namin..

"Do you know her?" asked the officer as he was pointing to the girl in the picture frame. - I answered no.
"Did you take drugs?" - Of course not!
"Did you have drugs hidden in your body?" - What?! Never!

nagpanting yung tenga ko. galit na galit ako. at the same time nalungkot. bakit ganun, tagged na ang pinoys as drug traffickers dahil sa kasalanan ng iilan..

"Let's check your bag".
The officer searched my things thoroughly. I was just looking at him. He checked every compartment of my luggage too.

Ang lakas ng kaba ng dibdib ko. I knew he could frame me up. At wala na kong laban if that happens. Nasa teritoryo nila kami.
Ansama sama ng loob ko. Dahil lang Pinoy kami, instant suspect na agad kami.

After he messed with all my things and found nothing, I asked the officer what could be wrong and why was he checking us. He just answered "because the 2 of you are beautiful girls."

putangina mo, nakikipag-cooperate kami sa inyo. naabala at napahiya na kami kanina pa. kaya sana sumagot ka ng maayos kung may tinatanong kami.

For the 3rd time, we went outside the holding room to scan my luggage. I was really very nervous (and irritated). I could imagine him almost saying that he found something in my bag. Remember, he was holding my bag all the time. I never had the chance to touch it again..

you dont trust us. and we dont trust you either. the feeling is mutual. ang advantage lang, nasa Indonesia tayo. at kayo ang may authority.

Now they looked to Dyan. The lady officer asked her if she was hiding drugs in her belly. Of course she answered no. The other officer ordered a body check on her.

as narrated by Dyan:
Gusto ko man magsabi ng ayoko ng body check, wala akong nagawa. Bansa nila yan. So sunod lang ako sa gusto nila. Pumasok kami sa Body Check Room. Inikot ko yung mata ko to check if there are surveillance cameras. Tapos ni-lock ko yung pinto. Tinanong ko si lady officer kung bakit namin to ginagawa. May 3 pinay daw na nahulihan ng drugs sa loob ng tyan nila. Sympre di ko alam kung totoo nga yun. Pinahubad nya ko ng damit. As in HUBAD lahat. The only body part na hinawakan nya ay ang tyan ko. Pero nakaka-harassed pa din. Wala naman siyang nakitang kakaiba.

no offense pero meron ba silang extensive training na by just touching a body part malalaman na kung may drugs dun? ang hirap maniwala. they cant even speak straight english to start with. mayabang lang sila. pero wala silang masyadong alam.

Now back in the holding room, and I was with the other 2 male officers. They started bragging that they captured all of the drug traffickers in the picture frame. Im still not sure what will happen next as they never told us anything.

What now!? gusto nyo lang may mapatunayan kayo at may madagdag kayong picture jan sa wall nyo?!

Im so proud of Dyan. She went back in the room and still didnt breakdown. I knew I will start crying too if I see her terrified.
pero sa totoong buhay daw, sobrang takot na nya na masesetup kami.
Dyan said I dont look scared at all too. I just look very irritated.
pero sa totoo lang, nafi-feel kong anytime sasabihin ng officers na may nakita sila sa bag namin.. at di na kami makakauwi ng Pinas. =(

After 1.5 hours, they finally let us go. Wala silang nakita. They thanked us for being cooperative pero di ko pinansin yung hand shake offer nila. Galit na galit ako. Pero alam ko bawal ako magsalita. Hindi rin sila nagsorry sa abala na ginawa nila. Para san pa, wala na kaming gana na pumasok ng Bali. Sirang sira yung bakasyon namin dahil sa ganitong pagwelcome nila sa Pinoy.
Sabagay their sorry wont be enough. Kulang yan sa kahihiyan, sobrang takot, trauma, at paranoia na inabot namin dahil sa kanila. Ang sama sama ng loob ko. Putangina nyo!

We met the hotel driver who's been waiting for us since 11:40PM. We finally went out of the airport at 1:30AM. I thanked the driver for waiting for us. He wasn't surprised that we were the last to go out. Sabi nya, kapag Pinoy chinecheck daw muna.

Ah ganun..
Dahil lang may mga Pinoy na drug trafficker, lahat ng Pinoy drug traffickers na agad?!

So it's also fair to call all Indonesian Policemen RAPISTS?!

Indonesian Policemen RAPISTS!

Indonesian Policeman CHILD RAPIST!

How about call all Policemen DRUG DEALERS because of this?

Indonesian Officers DRUG DEALERS

Or can I tag all Indonesian ADDICTS sabagay 51 thousand locals nila ay junkies?

51 Thousand Drug Addict Indonesians

Fair enough?

I hope if an Indonesian visits Pinas, ma-tag din sila as RAPISTS, DRUG DEALERS, and ADDICTS instantly! Maramdaman nila sana yung treatment nila samin.. Yan ang rules nila di ba?

Sa sobrang takot ni Dyanie, she cried to sleep that night. Tulala. Di nagsasalita.
Sa sobrang galit ko, di ako nakatulog. I started vomiting. Hinika din ako sa sama ng loob.
Wala pa kaming 2 oras sa Bali pero gustong gusto na namin umuwi ng Pinas. Sirang sira ang bakasyon namin.

Putangina nyo! Naging praning na kami everytime may police kaming makikita. Or everytime dadaan kaming xray, paulit ulit muna naming pinapagpag ang bawat damit namin - oras oras - just to check na walang naisingit na drugs sa gamit namin. We're so traumatized that we wont be planning to go out of the country anytime soon.

and it wont matter if the DRUGS found is really yours
ako na ang praning

We swore not to go back to Indonesia again. We already suffered a lot. We regret the day we entered this country.
And if you are planning to go to Bali too, well good luck. The next suspect could be you.